STAAD.Pro Training

STAAD.Pro Training is a structural analysis and design software application originally developed by Research Engineers International in 1997. In late 2005, Research Engineers International was bought by Bentley Systems.

STAAD.Pro is one of the most widely used structural analysis and design software products worldwide. It supports over 90 international steel, concrete, timber & aluminium design codes.

It can make use of various forms of analysis from the traditional static analysis to more recent analysis methods like p-delta analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, Pushover analysis (Static-Non Linear Analysis) or a buckling analysis. It can also make use of various forms of dynamic analysis methods from time history analysis to response spectrum analysis. The response spectrum analysis feature is supported for both user defined spectra as well as a number of international code specified spectra.

Additionally, STAAD.Pro is interoperable with applications such as RAM Connection, AutoPIPE, SACS and many more engineering design and analysis applications to further improve collaboration between the different disciplines involved in a project. STAAD can be used for analysis and design of all types of structural projects from plants, buildings, and bridges to towers, tunnels, metro stations, water/wastewater treatment plants and more.










          Overview of Structural Analysis and Design

          Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment values for various supports and load types


           STAAD.Pro V8i

           STAAD Editor






          Co-ordinate Systems

          Global Vs Local

          Creating a New Project in STAAD.Pro


          Model Generation

          Creating Nodes & Members

          Select Menu









§  Model Editing Tools

§  o Translational Repeat

§  o Circular Repeat

§  o Move

§  o Mirror

§  o Rotate

§  o Insert Node

§  For a Single Member

§  For Multiple Members o     Add Beam

§  Point to Point

§  Between Midpoints

§  Perpendicular Intersection

§  Curved Member








Ø  Connect Beams Along

Ø  Stretch Selected Members

Ø  Intersect Selected Members

Ø  Merge Selected Members

Ø  Renumber

Ø  Split Beam

Ø  Break Beams at

Ø  Selected Nodes


Ø  Creating Models by using Structure Wizard

Ø  Mini Project 1









Ø  Support Specification

Ø  Member Property Specification

Ø  Member Offset,

Ø  Material Specification

Ø  Group Specification

Ø  Loading

Ø  Creating a Primary Load

Ø  Adding Selfweight












Ø  Loading

Ø  Nodal

Ø  Load

Ø  Member

Ø  Load

Ø  Uniform Force and Moment

Ø  Concentrated Force and Moment

Ø  Linear Varying Load

Ø  Trapezoidal Load

Ø  Hydrostatic Load

Ø  Pre/Post Stress

Ø  Area Load

Ø  Floor Load

Ø  Mini Project 2










Ø  Loading

Ø  Wind

Ø  Load

Ø  Creating Load Combination

Ø  Automatic Load Combination

Ø  Edit Auto Load Rules

Ø  Moving Load

Ø  Reference Load

Ø  Repeat Load

Ø  Mini Project 3









Ø  Introduction to Analysis

Ø  Perform Analysis

Ø  Overview of Output Page

Ø  Pre-analysis Print

Ø  Post-analysis Print

Ø  Inactive or Delete Specification      

Ø  General Guidelines for Design

Ø  Concrete Design in STAAD.Pro

Ø  Column Design

Ø  Beam Design






RC Designer

Beam Design



Project 1











Ø  Seismology

Ø  Introduction

Ø  Terminologies

Ø  Standards for Earthquake Design

Ø  General Principals for Earthquake Design

Ø  Finding the Lateral Force (manual calculation)

Ø  Finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro

Ø  Dynamic Analysis

Ø  Response Spectrum Analysis

Ø  Mini Project 4






Ø  Cylindrical and Cylindrical Reverse Co-ordinate Systems

Ø  Introduction to FEM

Ø  FEM Modelling in

Ø  STAAD.Pro o Snap Plate

Ø  Add Plate

Ø  Create

Ø  Infill Plates

Ø  Generate Surface Meshing

Ø  Generate Plate Mesh

Ø  Parametric

Ø  Modelling








Ø  Member Truss

Ø  Creating FEM models by using Structure Wizard

Ø  Adding Plate Thickness

Ø  Plate Load Pressure on

Ø  Full Plate Concentrated

Ø  Load

Ø  Partial Plate

Ø  Pressure Load

Ø  Trapezoidal Load

Ø  Hydrostatic Load

Ø  Element Joint Load






Ø  Water Tank Design

Ø  Slab Design

Ø  One-way Slab

Ø  Two-way Slab

Ø  Mini Project 5



Ø  Staircase Design

Ø  Shear wall Modelling and Design


Ø  Solid Modelling and Analysis

Ø  Mini Project 6


Ø  STAAD.Beava





Ø  Cable Member Specification Tension / Compression Specification

Ø  Table Member Property

Ø  Steel Design in STAAD.Pro





Ø  Interactive Steel Design

Ø  Design of Overhead Transmission Line Towers

Ø  Pushover Analysis

Ø  Project 2




Ø  Foundation Design

Ø  Isolated Footing

Ø  Combined / Strip Footing

Ø  Tool Kit

§   Isolated Footing

§   Combined Footing





Ø  Foundation Design

Ø  Mat

Ø  Foundation o Pile

Ø  Cap Design

Ø  Mini Project 7





Ø  Importing CAD Models Report Setup

Ø  Plotting from STAAD.Pro

Ø  Final Project