Revit Architecture

Autodesk Revit Architectureis a building information modelling (BIM) software for Architects, Landscape Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, Designers and contractors. The software allows users to design a building and structure and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the building model’s database. Revit is 4D BIM capable with tools to plan and track various stages in the building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction and later maintenance and/or demolition.


Revit Architecture

Total Duration : 120 Hours








·         Introduction

o     Building Information Modelling

o     Revit Architecture

§   History

§   Features

§   Revit File Types

§   Exploring User Interface

§   Building Elements

§   Start a New Project









·         To Start a Project

o     Drawing Aids

o     Project Units

o     Levels

§   Adding Levels

§   Modifying Levels

§   Creating New Level Element Type

§   Constrain Level lines

§   Remove Constrains

§   Remove Level lines

·         Drawing a plan as per Dimension

o     Walls

o     Location Line

o     Creating Walls

o     Tips for Creating Wall

·         Practice: Hands On






·         More in Detail – Wall

o     Compound Structure

o     Wall joins

o     Wall Layer Wrappings

o     Vertically Compound Walls

o     Layer Assignment Guide Lines

o     Sweeps and Reveals

o     Wall Shapes and Openings

o     Stacked Wall

o     Guidelines for Vertically Stacked Walls


·         Construction Modelling Tool

o     Parts

o     Assemblies

·         Working with Grids

·         Practice: Hands On











4 & 5

·         Modify Tools

o     Move

o     Copy

o     Paste

o     Create Similar

o     Rotate

o     Mirror

o     Array

o     Scale

o     Split Element

o     Trim

o     Align

o     Offset

o     Pin

o     Unpin

o     Delete

·         Door

·         Window

·         Match Type

·         Tape Measure

·         Keyboard Shortcuts

·         Visual Styles

·         Practice: Hands On




·         Dimensions

o     Temporary Dimensions

o     Permanent Dimension

o     Creating Custom Dimension Type

o     Modify Dimensions

·         Constrains





·         Floor

o     Adding Floor

o     Editing Floor Sketch

o     Sloped Floor

o     Floor Slab Edges

·         Ceiling

o     Creating Ceiling

·         Practice: Hands On








·         Roof

o     Roof by Footprint

o     Roof by Extrusion

o     Shape editing for Floors and Roofs

o     Join/Unjoin Roof

o     Roof Soffit

o     Roof Fascia

o     Roof Gutter

·         Opening

o     Opening on Face and Vertical opening

o     Shaft Opening

o     Wall Opening

o     Dormer Opening

·         Practice: Hands On














·         Components

o     Placing Component

o     Rehosting

o     Workplane based and Face based Placement

o     Working with Modern Medium Library

·         Managing Views

o     Floor plan views

o     Ceiling plan view

o     View properties

o     View Range

o     Plan Region

o     Elevation view

o     Cut a view b y Far Clip Plane

o     Section View

o     Creating Section head

o     3D views

o     Cropping a View

o     Visibility or Graphics Display

§   Specifying Element Category Visibility

§   Overriding Graphics Display of Element Category

§   Overriding Visibility and Graphics Display of Individual Elements

o     View Templates

o     Filter

·         Practice: Hands On



·         Curtain wall

o     Creating Curtain Wall

o     Curtain Grids

o     Mullions


o     Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels

o     Merging Curtain Grids

o     Adding Curtain Door Panel

·         Embedded Walls









·         Stairs

o     Creating Stairs

§   Creating Stair by sketching Runs

§   Creating Stair by sketching Boundary and Riser

§   Spiral Staircase

§   Stair Calculator

o     Specifying Railing Types for New Stairs

o     Modifying Stair

·         Ramp

·         Railings

o     Adding Railing

o     Modifying Rail Structure

o     Modifying Rail Joins

·         Practice: Hands On












12 & 13

·         Massing

o     Terminology

o     Create Mass Family using Forms

§   Extrusion

§   Loft

§   Revolve

§   Sweep

§   Swept Blend

o     Modifying Forms

o     Dimensioning Forms

o     Surface Forms

o     Rationalizing Surface

o     Surface Representations

o     Surface Sub regions

o     Paint Tool

o     Placing Mass Instance from Mass Family

·         Creating Building Elements from Mass Instance

o     Mass Floors

o     Creating Wall

o     Creating Floors

o     Creating Curtain System

o     Creating Roof

o     Updating Face- based Host Shapes

·         Conceptual Energy Analysis

o     Display Styles for analysis add-in applications


·         Controlling Visibility of Mass Instances

·         Practice: Hands On






·         Text

·         Model Text

·         Tag

·         Callout Views

·         Detailing

o     Creating Detail View

o     Drafting View

o     Inserting Detail Component

·         Practice: Hands On




·         Schedules

o     Schedule/ Quantities

o     Material Take Off

o     Annotation Schedule or Note Block

·         Practice: Prepare Door and window schedule for Residential Building.rvt





·         Rooms

·         Schedule keys

·         Area

·         Color Schemes

·         Legend Views

·         Keynotes

·         Practice: Find out the total area, Place rooms and prepare room schedule






·         Structural Modellling

o     Structural Column

o     Beams

o     Beam System

o     Brace

o     Trusses

o     Opening in Structural Elements

o     Structural Walls

o     Foundations

o     Structural Floor




·         Sheets

o     Title Blocks

o     Adding Sheet

o     Adding Views on Sheet

o     Sheet list

·         Printing


o     Print Setup

o     Print Preview

·         Practice: Add sheet along with title block


Prepare Approval Plan








·         Lights

o     Adding Lighting Fixtures

o     Light Groups

o     Sun settings

·         Materials

·         Rendering

·         Walkthroughs

o     Exporting Walkthrough

·         Solar Studies

o     Create Solar Study

o     Export Solar Study

·         Practice: Create realistic images for exterior and interior view


Export walkthrough in .avi format






·         Site Design

o     Toposurfaces

o     Subregion

o     Split Surface

o     Merge Surface

o     Building Pad

o     Graded Region

o     Parking Components

o     Site Components

o     Contour line Labels




·         Working with a Team

o     Worksharing Workflow

o     Worksets

o     Worksharing Display Modes

o     Starting a view




·         Working with Linked Models

o     Link Revit Models

o     Managing links

o     Shared Positioning

o     Using Point cloud files



·         Design Options

·         Project Phasing

Creating Phases


Phase Filter

·         Export

o     Export to CAD format

o     Exporting to DWG or DXF

o     Exporting to DWF format

·         Room and Area Reports

·         Exporting to IFC

·         Export to 3d’s max







·         Decals

·         Transferring Project Standards

·         Interference Check

·         Customizing Project Settings

o     Fill patterns

o     Line Weight

o     Line Patterns

o     Line Styles

·         Purge Unused

·         Import/Link

·         Group




·         Family Creation

o     Introduction

o     Creating 2D door Family

o     Creating the Door panel Solid geometry




·         Family Creation

o     Creating Swing Door Family

o     Window Family creation

§   Creating Swing Door Family



·         Family Creation

o     Creating Arched Window

o     Creating Furniture Family





·         Family Creation

o     Staircase Customization

§   Stair Nosing

§   Custom Handrail

§   Custom Balusters

·         Family Creation with Adaptive Components

o     Adaptive Components

o     Creating Curtain Panel Pattern 1


·         Family Creation With Adaptive Components


o     Curtain Panel Pattern 2

o     Create Helix




·         Family Creation With Adaptive Components

o     Grill Design

o     Reporting Parameter

o     Family enhancements